Cover suggestion

Authors are encouraged to submit beautiful, eye catching illustrations or color images for consideration as the issue covers of the journal. Please design the image to be within the area of 8 inches (width) x 6 inches (height), or 20 cm (width) x 15 cm (height) in landscape orientation. Cover image can be submitted in the manuscript login page (following the link of "Suggest a cover image" at the bottom of the page) after the manuscript is scheduled for publication. The image must be from or related to the paper that is scheduled for publishing. The file can be in the format of PDF, Word, PowerPoint, jpg, or png. Please submit high resolution image (600 dpi preferred, or at the least 450dpi), and notify our publishing team after submitting the file.

The cover for each issue is selected by our publishing team or editors, and the decision is final. Note that simply suggest a figure that is already in your article will normally not be selected as the issue cover image. Cover image must be beautifully designed. See samples in previous covers (the images in the middle sections).

Some potential graphic design companies:;

Disclaimer: the graphic design companies are not related to the publisher or the journal.

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