Special Issue

Targeting the Cancer Stem Cells

Guest editors:

Fei Chen, PhD, Professor, Wayne State University

Cancer stem cells have been recently recognized as the sources of driving long-term growth, therapeutic resistance, metastasis, and recurrence of the tumors. However, many key questions on the origin, stemness, energy metabolism, epigenetic reprogramming, lineage differentiation, etc, of the cancer stem cells remain elusive, which hamper the development of efficient therapeutic targeting of these cells to eradicate cancers.

Accordingly, this special issue, by targeting the cancer stem cells, will emphasize our most recent understandings on the characteristics and the progression in developing drugs targeting the cancer stem cells. The following topics but not limited to are strongly encouraged:

  • Druggability of the cancer stem cells;
  • Differentiating agents of the cancer stem cells;
  • New markers and identities  of the cancer stem cells;
  • Metabolic signatures of the cancer stem cells;
  • Epigenetic landscape of the cancer stem cells;
  • RNA 5mC and m6A methylation in cancer stem cells;
  • Stress signaling and reprogramming in the generation of the cancer stem cells;
  • Unique transcription factor networks in cancer stem cells.

Both review and research articles will be considered. For more information on the journal and its style, please refer to “Instructions for Authors” at http://thno.org/ms/author. All the invited and contributed manuscripts will be pre-screened by the guest editors followed by the standard peer-review procedure, usually two to four experts in the field, of the Journal “Theranostics”.  The deadline for Proposal is set for June 30, 2019, and the full manuscript submission DEADLINE is set for October 30, 2019. The first decision will be made within 4 weeks from submission after peer-review process.

Manuscripts for this special issue should be submitted online at http://www.thno.org/ms/submit (mark “Special Issue on Targeting Cancer Stem Cells" in the "Suggested reviewers” field to identify the manuscript).

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