Special Issue: Noble-metal Nanostructures for Theranostics

Guest editors:

Xiaohu Xia, University of Central Florida

Hui Wei, Nanjing University

Noble-metal nanostructures have many unique and promising features that make them attractive for theranostic applications. For example, they possess intriguing physiochemical properties such as plasmonic, optical, photothermal, and catalytic activities, allowing them to serve as efficient labels for biosensing, imaging, and therapy. They can be conveniently functionalized with biomolecules by means of metal-thiolate bonding. They are made of inert noble metals with excellent stabilities, enabling them to survive complex biological environment. Significantly, thanks to recent advancement in fundamental nanoresearch, it is now feasible to control the size, shape, elemental composition, and surface chemistry of a noble-metal nanostructure at the atomic precision. Such precise control substantially enhances the properties of noble-metal nanostructures and enables new applications in theranostics.

This special issue is therefore to highlight noble-metal nanostructures as emerging materials for theranostics. Topics in this issue include but not limited to:

  • Applications of noble-metal nanostructures in biosensing, imaging, detection, diagnostics, and therapy;
  • Design, synthesis, and characterization of noble-metal nanostructures with new properties that have promising potentials in theranostic applications;
  • Modification and functionalization of noble-metal nanostructures for theranostic applications;
  • Self-assembly of noble-metal nanostructures for theranostic applications;
  • Transport, interaction, and impact of noble-metal nanostructures on biological and environmental systems.

Both review and research articles will be considered. For more information on the journal and its style, please refer to “Instructions for Authors” at http://thno.org/ms/author. All the invited and contributed manuscripts will be pre-screened by the guest editors followed by the standard peer-review procedure (typically two to four experts in the field) of the Journal “Theranostics”. The deadline for proposal is set for November 15, 2019, and the full manuscript submission DEADLINE is set for February 28, 2020. The first decision will be made within 6 weeks from submission after peer-review process.

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