CFP - Special Issue Progress in Critical Reviews of Immunotheranostics

Guest editors:

Xiaoyuan (Shawn) Chen (NIBIB/NIH)
Mingnan Chen (University of Utah)

This special issue will examine current and emerging theranostic technologies and applications on immunotherapy. Immunotherapy that relies on immune mechanisms for treatments has broad applications in various diseases including cancer, infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases, etc. Recently, theranostics has shown a great potential to improve the diagnosis of these diseases, and to personalize, evaluate,  and boost the efficacy of immunotherapy. Consequently, there is ever increasing enthusiasm for the advancement of theranostic tools for immunotherapy. One representative area of advancement is to develop various technologies to improve the efficacy and reduce the side effect of cancer immune checkpoint therapy. However, the applications and technology development of immunotheranostics are far beyond the immune checkpoint therapy. Therefore,  we plan to examine and discuss immunotheranostics in the special issue "Critical Reviews of Immunotheranostics”.   

We are highly interested in the following topics but not limited to:

  • The special needs and features of immunotherapy related to theranostic technologies
  • Immunotheranostic applications in cancer, infections, autoimmune diseases, neurological disorders, etc.
  • Theranostic technology to support different immunotherapeutic modalities such as cell therapy and gene therapy
  • Theranostic technology to characterize immune responses

Only review articles will be considered. For more information on the journal and its style, please refer to “Instructions for Authors” at All the invited and contributed manuscripts will undergo the standard peer-review procedure of the Journal “Theranostics”, and will be scrutinized by the guest editor(s) and at least two additional expert reviewers in the field. The deadline for proposal is set for March 15, 2019, the full manuscript submission DEADLINE is set for June 1, 2019 and the first decision will conclude within 6 weeks from submission after peer-review process.

Manuscripts for the special issue should be submitted online at (mark "Immunotheranostics Special Issue" in the "Suggested reviewers" field to identify the paper).
All inquiries should be sent to the guest editor(s) at the above email address.